Leading Business Improvement

Business Cost Reduction Services

Reduce your business costs, keep them low and invest the savings in the right value adding opportunities,
using LBI to analyse and recommend the best approaches to take.

Process Improvement Services available for purchase

Below are the 6 key areas where I can assist you, your business and your project needs.

Build cost reduction strategy for business/department

To embed successful process improvement across your organization, we can work with you to build out your strategy. This includes: Building out a framework tailored to your business, improving your...


Business Cost Reduction Training

Tools Techniques Strategies For managers & colleagues alike


Current State Audit

Audit P&L today Identify challenges and opportunities Identify how to reduce & realise


The return on investment

The 5 key benefits of pursuing cost reduction exercises include:

  • Potential for big reductions in spending.
  • Long term planning to keep costs reduced.
  • Reductions in waste – process, roles and financially.
  • Less risk and more certainty as the organization grows.
  • More money to save or reinvest into people, products and systems.

What can LBI do for you?

We are experts in supporting our clients in finding ways to reduce spending and keep business costs lower, for longer. We can:

  • Provide the strategy and approach that works.
  • Review your P&L to identify opportunities.
  • Deliver recommendations post review of the best options for you.
  • Lead/support on projects to reduce your business expenses.
  • Train team members how to improve productivity and reduce waste.

We are on hand to support you based on your needs and your unique situation, so contact us today and let’s get the conversation started.

Case studies of our work

If you don’t want to wait and want to get started today, check out our best selling Business Cost Reduction course. You will learn the many variety of techniques and recommendations for you to explore for your organization.

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