Leading Business Improvement

Business Improvement Services

Take a project by project based approach to improving your people, products and processes through
Business Improvement – with LBI supporting with their delivery.

Business Improvement Services available for purchase

Below are the 6 key areas where I can assist you, your business and your project needs.

Business improvement methodologies & BI tools Training

£1,000 per day in-person training up to 5 delegates. Additional £500 per delegate per day. Add as many days and delegates as you need.


Business Improvement Strategy

To embed successful process improvement across your organization, we can work with you to build out your strategy. This includes: Building out a framework tailored to your business, improving your...


Business Improvement Audit

Where they excel Where there are challenges Recommendations for future


Build out BI team/structure

Inc. working groups, emails, people etc. Inc interviews, person profiles etc.


Rapid BI delivery

Quick hits Tool delivery Workshops etc.


The return on investment

The 5 key benefits of pursuing Business Improvement consulting includes:

  • Improved capability and stability of core business functions.
  • Improved quality of processes, products and services.
  • Reduce the cost and time to do business.
  • Deliver new systems, technologies and abilities.
  • Improve customer and employee satisfaction.

What can LBI do for you?

We are experts in supporting our clients in the deployment of improvements across their businesses. We can:

  • Provide business process improvement consulting
  • Provide the tools and techniques to improve and embed
  • Map, analyse and provide recommendations on improvements.
  • Support and/or lead on the improvement projects.
  • Provide long term advisory support on an ad hoc basis.

We are on hand to support you based on your needs and your unique situation, so contact us today and let’s get the conversation started.

Case studies of our work

If you don’t want to wait and want to get started today, check out our best selling Business Improvement course. You will learn the approach and the tools to give you the confidence to deploy Business Improvement.

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