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Root Cause Analysis Services

Identify, investigate and fix the problems troubling your organization quickly and using the right approach,
with LBI upskilling you on the approaches to take.

Process Improvement Services available for purchase

Below are the 6 key areas where I can assist you, your business and your project needs.

Root Cause Analysis & RCA tools Training

£1,000 per day in-person training up to 5 delegates. Additional £500 per delegate per day. Add as many days and delegates as you need.


Facilitate RCA workshops (using various tools)

£100 per hour Half day 4 hour £350 Full day 8 hour at £700


Root Cause Analysis strategy

To embed successful process improvement across your organization, we can work with you to build out your strategy. This includes: Building out a framework tailored to your business, improving your...


Conduct current state audit

All issues reviewed Most likely causes documented Approach to fix detailed


The return on investment

The 5 key benefits of pursuing Root Cause Analysis include:

  • Reduction and permanent removal of issues and errors.
  • Ability to identify and fix causes with long term controls.
  • De-risking of core processes and operations.
  • Upskilled team, able to pivot and fix issues both proactively and reactively.
  • Less customer and employee complaints, better satisfaction.

What can LBI do for you?

We are experts in supporting our clients in the deployment of root cause analysis in their organizations. We can:

  • Train and upskill teams in how to root cause effectively.
  • Investigate issues plaguing the business, understanding the why.
  • Deploy the range of RCA tools and techniques available.
  • Conduct analysis on processes and products to fix long term.
  • Lead/support on large scale root cause analysis projects.

We are on hand to support you based on your needs and your unique situation, so contact us today and let’s get the conversation started.

Case studies of our work

If you don’t want to wait and want to get started today, check out our best selling Root Cause Analysis course. You will learn the approach and the tools to give you the confidence to deploy Root Cause Analysis.

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