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Root Cause Analysis: Drill Down Tool


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Being able to root cause your organization’s biggest problems is a skill highly in demand in today’s workforce. To do this, you need to deploy a technique and an approach that enables you to follow an effective process, and identify your final cause.

This is where the Drill Down Tool comes in. This highly effective and often overlooked root cause analysis tool is perfect for:

  1. Identifying your problem clearly.
  2. Breaking the problem down into its constituent parts.
  3. Running through a logical process.
  4. Identifying the final causes(s) of your problem.

The tool enables you to tackle issues by breaking them down and dealing with them in their individual parts, one by one. It also gives you confidence that you will be able to get to your final cause, ready to solution the fix. In this course we will cover the following:

  • The fundamentals of the tool – its purpose, importance and background.
  • How to build the tool – running over the key building blocks behind the delivery of the tool.
  • Demonstrations – with these demonstrations being based on real life examples of the Drill Down being deployed.
  • The varying approaches – the Drill Down can be delivered in more than one way. We will cover this.

At the end of this course, you will be able to effectively deploy the Drill Down Tool in a range of scenarios, for a range of proposed outcomes and in the right format to suit your needs. It really is a highly effective tool that you can deliver quickly and successfully in your own organization.


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Root Cause Analysis: Drill Down Tool
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