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Course Description:

The Rapid Business Improvement course is a comprehensive guide to delivering improvements to your business in a quick and effective manner. This course will teach you how to deliver improvements to your business, fast, and what types of improvements can be delivered, how and when.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to deliver improvements to your business, fast.
  • What types of improvements can be delivered, how and when.
  • How to embed the business improvement mindset into your organization through this work.
  • How to save your business extensive amounts of time, rapidly.
  • How to continually deploy this approach to improve your performance, again and again.
  • Exposure to a range of methodologies and approaches to be explored further.
  • How to put yourself ahead of the crowd by knowing a technique highly in demand, but one very few know how to deploy effectively.
  • The techniques that will put your organization ahead of their competitors by becoming leaner and more agile.
  • How to pick up transferable skills you can share with the wider business, spreading the business improvement message.
  • How to speed up your business processes through workshops, brainstorming sessions and knowledge sharing.

Why This Course:

Delivering effective Business Improvement can be a tricky task and often requires a long term solution. This RBI course shows you how such initiatives and tasks can be delivered effectively in under 1 month. If you are short of time or want to deliver Business Improvement in sprints, this course will work for you.


  • None. We will work with you throughout the course.
  • No prior improvement knowledge is required.
  • The course is built to be open to all levels.
  • Reach out to the course instructor (via email/LinkedIn) if you need assistance.


In this course, we will discuss the idea of rapid business improvement. This is a Business Improvement method which sees traditional business improvement methodologies applied to a quick initiative. This initiative aims to deliver significant business improvements, process changes and error reductions within 1 month of launch.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone currently working for a company who wants to improve the business.
  • Anyone who owns a business/manages a department and wants to improve operational performance.
  • Anyone who wants to upskill in this field as improving your business from within is a skill HIGHLY in demand.
  • Anyone who wants to leave the course with full confidence in delivering this topic.

13 reviews for Enroll in Rapid Business Improvement Online Certification Course

  1. Kimberly Burke

    Kimberly Burke (verified owner)

    This course is a comprehensive guide to mastering Lean Six Sigma methodologies, packed with practical tools and techniques to drive process improvement. Dekker’s explanations are clear and concise, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply. Whether you’re new to Lean Six Sigma or looking to enhance your skills, this toolkit provides everything you need to streamline processes and boost efficiency.

  2. Rebecca Reyes

    Rebecca Reyes (verified owner)

    Rapid Business Improvement is a transformative guide that lives up to its name, providing a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing organizational efficiency.

  3. Rakesh Aishwarya

    Rakesh Aishwarya (verified owner)

    The program’s emphasis on swift improvement within a short timeframe aligns well with the needs of businesses in today’s dynamic environment. This focus on speed and agility can be highly beneficial for tackling urgent challenges or seizing fleeting opportunities.

  4. Daniela Codrin

    Daniela Codrin (verified owner)

    The collaborative environment fueled by diverse perspectives was enriching. Group discussions, case studies, and simulations fostered knowledge sharing and exposed me to new approaches, broadening my strategic thinking.

  5. Tyler Baker

    Tyler Baker (verified owner)

    Wow! What a excellent course with perfect content. Great explanation

  6. Bert Cobb

    Bert Cobb (verified owner)

    This course has proven to be a transformative learning experience, offering practical insights and actionable strategies for accelerating business improvement.

  7. Ramona Daniels

    Ramona Daniels (verified owner)

    Rapid Business Improvement course exceeded expectations! Invaluable insights, actionable strategies, and expert guidance. Transformed my approach, yielding immediate results. A must for aspiring entrepreneurs. 5 stars!

  8. Bernd Jenny

    Bernd Jenny (verified owner)

    The inclusion of real-life case studies and examples adds significant value to the learning experience. These examples not only illustrate the concepts discussed but also provide insights into how different industries have successfully implemented rapid business improvement strategies. This practical approach makes the course relevant and applicable across various sectors.

  9. Guido Adrian

    Guido Adrian (verified owner)

    One standout feature of the Rapid Business Improvement course is the toolkit provided. The downloadable templates and tools are invaluable resources for implementing Lean Six Sigma methodologies. These ready-to-use resources save time and make the transition from theory to practice seamless.

  10. Babis Zita

    Babis Zita (verified owner)

    This course delivers information quickly, covering a wide range of business improvement topics within a short timeframe. This could be beneficial for busy individuals seeking a rapid introduction to various improvement ideas.

  11. Charlotte Hodges

    Charlotte Hodges (verified owner)

    Through a combination of proven methodologies and practical strategies, participants learn how to identify inefficiencies, streamline processes, and maximize productivity across various business functions. From root cause analysis to agile project management techniques, this course equips participants with the tools and skills needed to accelerate improvement initiatives and achieve measurable results in record time.

  12. Luise Brandt

    Luise Brandt (verified owner)

    This was a really good course! I gained a great deal of knowledge that I can use in my company. The lecturer was interesting and really knowledgable.

  13. Jerome Thompson

    Jerome Thompson (verified owner)

    Anyone wishing to grow their business should take this course, in my opinion. The training is simple to follow and is organized effectively. In addition, the instructor is incredibly kind and quick to answer inquiries.

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Rapid Business Improvement Certification CourseEnroll in Rapid Business Improvement Online Certification Course
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