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Improving your organization’s processes is something that is becoming increasingly important. As we move forward, organizations are building more and more processes, all with varying purposes, touching various departments and delivering various products. As these become more complex and organizations grow, having the knowledge of how to amend, improve and secure these processes is a skill becoming vital. If you can deliver such improvements to your organization’s processes today, they will reward this favorably! In this course, you will learn the fundamental building blocks behind the task of process improvement, the best process mapping tools available and when these should be deployed. Every process map has a purpose, so this course will show you which one to use when! We will cover:

  • The fundamentals behind process improvement and the types of process to look out for.
  • How to identify, question and change value and and non-value add steps.
  • The main processes we need to build during a process improvement initiative.
  • A breakdown of the key types of process and process analysis terms you will need to understand.
  • The process to be followed to ensure successful deliverance of process improvement projects and demonstrations of how to deliver each step.
  • A LIVE demonstration of a process improvement and a case study example of how a process improvement project was delivered.
  • A complete process mapping toolkit, with LIVE demonstrations on how to use each one
  • With templates attached for those which require it.
  • We will test your knowledge with quizzes and an assignment.

At the end of this course, you should have the confidence not only to conduct wide ranging process improvement projects but also to sell the vision and importance of process improvement to leaders within your organisation.

10 reviews for Process Improvement

  1. Ahmed Barban

    Ahmed Barban (verified owner)

    Fantastic… haven’t found a digital process improvement course anywhere else online and this one did not disappoint. About 10 hours of content, really happy.

  2. Hyder Ali

    Hyder Ali (verified owner)

    Amazing course It was really Informative and recommended to all.

  3. Nikki Hulskes

    Nikki Hulskes (verified owner)

    I now have the means and self-assurance to begin streamlining procedures in my area thanks to this course. The exercises were beneficial, and the instructor’s explanations were understandable.

  4. Kitowi Rega

    Kitowi Rega (verified owner)

    Great course!
    Really beneficial for improving work process and understanding work techniques.

  5. Jamie Riley

    Jamie Riley (verified owner)

    Transformed workflows, slashed bottlenecks, boosted efficiency. A process powerhouse, worth every star!

  6. Ronald Ward

    Ronald Ward (verified owner)

    It’s a game-changer, offering practical tips to streamline workflows and boost efficiency. The instructor’s insights are gold, making complex processes feel like a breeze.

  7. Alexa Bliss

    Alexa Bliss (verified owner)

    The course structure is user-friendly, allowing participants to progress at their own pace. The inclusion of quizzes and assessments reinforces understanding, making the learning experience dynamic and engaging. The downloadable resources provided serve as valuable references for ongoing application in the workplace.

  8. Srikar Vundavalli

    Srikar Vundavalli (verified owner)

    The course acknowledges the diversity of industries and organizational structures. It provides insights and strategies that can be adapted to various contexts, ensuring that learners can tailor the principles to suit their specific needs and challenges.

  9. Mirel Matei

    Mirel Matei (verified owner)

    My comprehension of process improvement techniques and resources has improved as a result of the training, and I can now use them in my professional life.

  10. Latoya Hubbard

    Latoya Hubbard (verified owner)

    This course was so nice and interesting with valuable content.

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