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Lean Six Sigma: White Belt

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Lean Six Sigma is an extremely powerful methodology, capable of saving organizations vast amounts of money and time. Having the skills, knowledge, and understanding given by Lean Six Sigma is increasingly important in todays workplace. Organizations want their employees and consultants to know how to make processes more efficient, how to increase the quality of products and how to save time and money that can ultimately be reinvested back into the organization. This White Belt course will introduce you to the world of Lean Six Sigma. In this course we will cover:

  • Quality.

What quality is, its importance and delivery options.

  • Quality Toolkit.

We explore the key tools on offer to ensure quality and operational excellence.

  • Lean.

What is Lean, its history, the 8 key wastes, value-adding and non-value-adding steps, how to create value within your process and more.

  • Six Sigma.

What is Six Sigma, its history, good quality vs. Six Sigma quality, the project management approach of DMAIC, roles and more.

  • The customer.

Looking at the voice of the customer and establishing what is critical to quality.

  • Exam.

As well as tools and other resources, an exam and certificate of completion are offered at the end of this course.

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to start the important work of instilling quality and operational excellence within your organization/clients. This skill is now in high demand as organizations look to stay competitive in today’s market, so delivering savings and efficiencies on a large scale will set you apart from the crowd.

11 reviews for Lean Six Sigma: White Belt

  1. Christopher Boone

    Christopher Boone (verified owner)

    This course is a game changer. The comprehensive content, engaging modules provide solid information about the concepts. And covers all the topics from basics to advance.

  2. Jimmy Chambers

    Jimmy Chambers (verified owner)

    Unveiled process secrets! Leveled up productivity, cut waste like. Fun, concise, White Belt mastery!

  3. Harshat Dasari

    Harshat Dasari (verified owner)

    The training is presented in a user-friendly format. The modules are well-organized, and the content is delivered in a structured manner. This format facilitates self-paced learning and accommodates participants with varying levels of familiarity with process improvement methodologies.

  4. Steven Watson

    Steven Watson (verified owner)

    The instructor’s approach is super clear, making complex concepts a breeze for beginners. If you’re on the efficiency journey, this course is a fantastic starting point

  5. Shreyan Katiki

    Shreyan Katiki (verified owner)

    The course strikes a perfect balance between theory and practice. The instructor’s clear explanations make complex concepts accessible, and the inclusion of interactive elements ensures engagement throughout the learning process. The emphasis on problem-solving and data-driven decision-making is particularly enlightening.

  6. Felix Richardson

    Felix Richardson (verified owner)

    Solid foundation in process improvement! Demystified key tools & ignited my problem-solving spirit. Ready for bigger impacts!

  7. Adrian Jensen

    Adrian Jensen (verified owner)

    Solid foundation in quality tools! Demystified complex concepts, sparked problem-solving passion. Ready to tackle process improvement, white belt in hand!

  8. Paula Houston

    Paula Houston (verified owner)

    Solid intro to quality improvement! Demystified key concepts with practical tools, igniting my problem-solving passion. Ready to contribute, thanks!

  9. Marcella Elliott

    Marcella Elliott (verified owner)

    The course was well-structured, easy to follow, and offered valuable insights into the basics of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. A great introductory course for those looking to understand the fundamentals.

  10. Shawn Hawkins

    Shawn Hawkins (verified owner)

    I recently completed this course and this course serves as an outstanding introduction to the principles of sigma. The course is well-structured and very useful.

  11. Jonathan Jenkins

    Jonathan Jenkins (verified owner)

    This course provides a solid foundation in Lean Six Sigma principles, offering a clear understanding of key concepts and methodologies. With straightforward explanations and practical examples, it equips you with the knowledge to identify opportunities for improvement and contribute effectively to Lean Six Sigma projects

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Lean Six Sigma: White Belt
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