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Upskill today in the most important methodologies in this space. Our courses are built from experience, in-depth knowledge of the business improvement space and projects deployed in a range of industries.

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Learn How to Reduce Your Business Costs: Business cost reduction course
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How to reduce business costs

Learn how to reduce your cost of doing business across all of your budget lines.

Process Improvement Course Logo
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Process Improvement

Learn how to improve your processes to accelerate your operational performance.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Learn the key initiators, tools and approaches to Continuous Improvement.

RCA: 5 Whys

Learn how to deploy this extremely effective root cause analysis tool.

RCA: Cause & Effect

Learn how to deploy one of the most popular root cause analysis tools available.

RCA: Drill Down

Learn how to get to the very last root cause of your most challenging issues.

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RCA: Root Cause Analysis

Learn how to root cause your biggest issues using a range of techniques and tools.

Root Cause Analysis: Toolkit

Learn how to deploy the best cause and effect and corrective action tools available.


Learn how to root cause your current and potential problems using this approach.

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LSS Yellow Belt

Learn how to deliver full end to end projects and tools using a Lean Six Sigma approach.

LSS White Belt

Learn the basics and the fundamentals of the Lean Six Sigma approach.

Lean Six Sigma: Toolkit

Learn about all of the best and most effective tools within the Lean Six Sigma family.

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Business Improvement Plan

Learn how to build and deliver an effective business improvement case and plan.

Continuous Improvement Plan

Learn how to build an effective continuous improvement business case and plan.

Process Improvement Plan

Learn how to build and deliver an effective process improvement case and plan.

Organizational Culture Change

Learn how to effectively change your organization’s culture for the better.

Rapid Business Improvement

Learn how to deliver lasting business change fast using our unique approach.

Lean Management

Learn how to improve your organization today using the Lean Management approach.

Voice of the customer: Toolkit

Learn how to identify what your customer wants, needs and how to deliver on this.Β 

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Process Mapping: Toolkit

Learn how to map your processes using a range of techniques and tools.Β 

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How to create a business case

Learn how to build an effective business case to secure approval upon its first delivery.


Learn how to deploy this very impactful process mapping tool.

Time Value Map

Learn how to build and deliver this highly effective process mapping technique.

Critical to Quality Tree

Learn how to use this tool to understand what is important to your key stakeholders.

Create a project charter

Learn the best process to deliver a solid Project Charter to launch any project.

What some of our 200,000+ students have to say

β€œThis is a good course for those who have no to very basic background on process improvement. The content is just right, not too overwhelming for me. The topics are discussed properly. I appreciate the examples given which make each topic easier to understand.”
From Dallas, USA
β€œIn my position, everyone suddenly want this kind of RCA, but no one really knew how to do it. It was simple but I felt I was doing it wrong. This course broke it down to the simple steps it is supposed to be to complete. Easy to follow and great examples.”
From Norway
β€œThis course adds a lot more insight to the tool than you get from a simple template. I now know how to sell usage of the tool across my business - something I have really struggled with.”
From Sweden
β€œI learned a lot and will apply what I've learned in my work. Thank you, Robert. A detailed explanation and your quick responses to questions in message section , demonstrate that you are a professional in your sector! Thanks.”
From Abu Dhabi
β€œGreat course. The pacing, content, and delivery is great. You could tell that great care and expertise was put into delivering the course. Thank you!”
From Australia
β€œTruly brilliant. A great flow, a really knowledgeable instructor and great resources. I have had some trouble understanding the delivery of Lean, purpose and method - now I feel so much more confident. Thank you Robert.”
From London, UK
β€œAn absolutely amazing course. It has a clear structure and as the slides are present I do not have to make notes. Also - all of the important definitions are being accompanied by demonstrations in practice of the tool by which I could understand the true meaning of them. The way the course is presented is nice to follow, language is impeccable and the speed is not to fast. Usually in other courses from Udemy I can see a definition of a problem directly followed by example with a lot of fluff, but those extra unneeded false interactions with learners make the course only longer and makes me usually loose my focus. In this course I did not experience it at all. It was to the point and I have actually learned something that I can directly use in my work. Thank you! PS I will for sure follow the other courses of the instructor!”
From Greece

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